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December 27, 2018

Students present their findings on ‘Truth in Advertising’ during a Global Student Exchange programme


AHMEDABAD, 30 NOVEMBER, 2018 - Recently, a Global Student Exchange (GSE) Learning Programme was conducted for the children of GIIS Ahmedabad, GIIS Balewadi, GIIS Tokyo and GIIS Surat. GIIS Ahmedabad hosted the much awaited event via Zoom Video Conferencing, through which the participating teams were connected.

The topic provided to the students was “Truth in Advertising.” and the basic idea behind this was to give the students an opportunity to research, explore and spread awareness regarding the alarmingly growing concern related to health issues.

After much research, the children found out that several major corporate giants kept circulating products with little or no nutritional value which was extremely unfit for consumption.

The little sixth graders of each campus, put up amazing and elaborate PowerPoint presentations, displaying their findings. The little ones were then judged based on their Presentations, Creativity, Research and Probable Solutions. GIIS Ahmedabad placed first with GIIS Tokyo, GIIS Surat and GIIS Balewadi close behind.

Global Student Exchange or GSE is an initiative by GIIS, which is conducted across manifold campuses for the students to collaborate, learn and discuss various global issues with one another even though they are countries apart.

Mr. Rajiv Bansal - Director Operations, GIIS India appreciated the efforts of students and said, “I feel extremely happy to see the efforts all the kids have put in.” Adding further, Ms. Sunita Jaisingh - Academic Head, GIIS India said - “The students have done exceptionally well. It was a well-deserved victory and all the campuses performed very well.”

The excited students pitched in and said, “We are elated to be given this opportunity to learn more about the processed foods we consume, and its ‘actual’ nutritional value. We will not fall for such Advertisements now and also spread awareness regarding this"

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