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September 11, 2019

CBSE conducts Master Training Program at GIIS

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organized a Master Training Program for principals, directors and educationalists on the Value Education Curriculum to be introduced very soon. This program addressed the present challenges in the education landscape. CBSE trainers Ms. Karuna Yadav and Mr. Rajan Sharma successfully led the training highlighting the purpose and pivotal role of educators to bring the educational as well as social and ethical transformation. More than 70 directors, supervisors and principals across various states marked their presence in the event.

Mr. Caesar D’silva, Principal, GIIS Ahmedabad said, “It is a privilege for GIIS Ahmedabad to be the chosen venue by the CBSE to host this Master Training Program. Such training programs are an opportunity for our educators to re-skill and adapt to the new and ever-changing curriculum under the guidance of CBSE.”

During this training program, educators were divided into a group of five and were given different activities to ensure interaction and participation at the individual level. The list of core values at various levels such as individual, interpersonal, community, national and global was made followed by reasoning, interpretation and healthy debate. A video session was also held to show the act of kindness and duty towards society.

The training program successfully delivered a clear message asking the educators to continue and embrace learning through all stages of life.

GIIS believes in upgrading the skill sets of teachers as they play an important role in managing and contributing to the development of future leaders. Through this Master Training Program, the educators were empowered with global teaching skills under the guidelines of CBSE, so that they can understand, learn and rightfully implement the value education in their classrooms.

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