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May 24, 2019

Digital classrooms and Tata ClassEdge learning resource, result in improved learning for students

GIIS Tokyo campuses have experienced a significant increase in the knowledge absorption rate and improvement in the learning outcomes of the students after the school has started using the Tata ClassEdge multi-media content in the classrooms.

It was a giant leap for GIIS Tokyo when two years back in 2017, the school introduced 25 digital touchscreens along with whiteboards and Tata ClassEdge multimedia application in the classrooms. The digital touchscreens are used by students and teachers to access the Tata ClassEdge multimedia content for each subject and lessons. The multimedia content is mapped by teachers into the lesson plans of the students. The application also helps in reviewing the performance of students and accordingly improving various aspects of teaching.

The pedagogical focus of Tata ClassEdge is to support teachers in helping students construct their knowledge by bringing more engagement.

The prominent features of the application include:

- Student-centred and innovative methods of teaching.

- Use of graphics and multimedia to enable students to visualise concepts in a structured way.

- Use of effective instructional design strategies that help teachers design comprehensive lesson plans.

GIIS believes that technology has the power to enhance the learning experiences of students and digitally oriented classrooms connect better with present-day learners.

By partnering with Tata ClassEdge, the school is working with the best partners in the learning industry and a pioneer in the field of interactive learning. The company constantly innovates in pedagogy, technology and content aimed at enhancing learning experiences for students.

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