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September 02, 2020

CBSE Students Register an extraordinary 100% result amid lockdown!

GIIS Tokyo is in a celebration mode after a rocking 100% result in both CBSE Grade 10 and 12 exams. All thanks to the extra efforts undertaken by all students, parents and teachers amid a lockdown in Japan.


Here are the top highlights of our CBSE Grade 10 and 12 examination results


 1. Grade 12: A 100% overall pass result and 60% of students achieved 90% & above in all subjects. Our school average percentile is 89.2 %, the highest in Tokyo!


2. Grade 12 Topper:  Satyabrata Pahari scored 94% and Dnyanda Kulkarni scored 93.8%


3.  Grade 10: A 100% overall pass result and all students scored above 90%


4. Grade 10: School average percentile of all five subjects is above 90% & 2 students scored 100% in Japanese


5. Grade 10 Topper: Anushka Deshpande scored 96.4% 


Principal of GIIS Tokyo, Madhu Khanna congratulated students for giving their best this year, 

A big thank you to our teachers and parents for your hard work, dedication and perseverance. I wish all students the very best in their future endeavors

A very hearty congratulations to our flag bearers, parents and teachers of the CBSE curriculum. 


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