December 24, 2019

Students of GIIS Surat observed "Say No To plastic Day" under Elevating Green project

Students of GIIS Surat obserevd “Say No To Plastic” campaign in the school campus as a part of Elevating Green project of GIIS. Around 120 students participated to bring awareness about pollution caused by plastic products.

The students chanted anti-pastic slogans, held placards, made paper and cloth bags. The students underlined the fact that plastic products like polythene are non biodegradable waste and cannot be decomposed and thus create waste disposal problems. Straws, plastic water bottles, and plastic bags belong to a group of materials known as single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics do not always make it to the landfill or get recycled. The students highlighted that a lot of the plastics produced each year flow into our oceans. That equates to one garbage truck of plastic being poured into our oceans every minute.

GIIS has always belived in inspiring students to organize a campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastics at school. We belive that students play a key role and can bring about a change in saving our mother earth and preserving the nature for the genrations to come.

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