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August 08, 2023

SMART Campus students shine at World Economics Cup 2023


A group of 17 secondary students from GIIS SMART Campus has achieved an extraordinary feat, emerging as the national champions in the World Economics. The students showcased their profound interest in economics by winning multiple titles in the National Cup held on April 14. 


The World Economics Cup takes participants on an exhilarating journey, commencing with the National Cup and culminating in the grand World Cup. At each stage, participants explore economic theories and ideas, moving from traditional concepts to the latest advancements in economics.


As part of the National Cup, the students representing SMART Campus formed three teams and showcased their economic skills. One team won the gold medal, while the other two secured silver medals showcasing their prowess in the language.


Beyond team accomplishments, each of SMART Campus students excelled and won various individual awards. Individual awards for the National Cup include; Highest Distinction- Jaidev Balaji, Aditya Dongre, Raghav Goyal, Bharath Sreekumar Menon, Siddhi Munjal, Shlok Panpalia, Rishit Kaura

Higher Distinction- Shraddha Gautam, Rishabh M, Vaidehi, Mihir K, Abhinand Prakash, Mihir Aryan Raj, Kushal Gupta, Aaryan Modi

Distinction- Anshika S, Shreya S


The platform identifies, inspires, and empowers the next generation of economics leaders while nurturing their skills. The remarkable achievement of the GIIS students stands as a testament not only to their exceptional aptitude but also to the dedicated guidance of their educators, who have played an instrumental role in nurturing their journey toward economic excellence.


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