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September 19, 2023

SMART Campus students excel at the International Business Olympiad 2023

A group of IB Year 2 students from the GIIS SMART Campus have demonstrated their expertise in business and claimed top honours at the prestigious International Business Olympiad 2023, held on August 19 and 20. This globally recognised competition saw the participation of students representing 27 countries, with two teams from SMART Campus proving their mettle and achieving multiple accolades.


Impressively, eight of these ten students have secured positions among the top 20 in the world individually, while both teams have achieved the highest rankings at the team level. Particularly noteworthy is Sahil Bhatt, who achieved a perfect score of 100 in the objective test and emerged as the global topper.


The competition consisted of three rounds: the objective test, the interactive objective case, and the open case analysis. The first two rounds were individual challenges, while the last round was a team competition. Participants were tested on their on-site learning and comprehension abilities, as well as their ability to apply business theories during a 120-minute timeframe. In the team round, students had to solve a complex business case study within 24 hours and present their solutions via video. Their outstanding teamwork and impressive presentation skills earned them the highest accolades on a global scale.


On August 19, the IBO 2023 commenced with the Objective Test and Interactive Objective Case exams. As part of the Objective Test, students had to answer 100 multiple-choice questions in one hour, evaluating their knowledge of business and literacy. This was followed by the Interactive Objective Case round consisting of 100 material-based objective questions.


The results of the students from SMART Campus' exceptional performance are as follows:

Team Results: Open Case Analysis

  • Team 1 - Gold Award: Racshanyaa Jagadish, Sahil Bhatt, Shaurya Garg, Shourya Chawla, and Vihaan Hampihallikar, with the highest global score of 95.
  • Team 2 - Silver Award: Abhinand Prakash, Damita Jain, Kushal Gupta, Shlok Panpaliya, and Vidhi Narang, achieving the second-highest global score of 93.


Individual Results:

Sahil Bhatt - Global 1st place with a perfect score of 100 in the objective test.

Vihaan Hampihallikar - Global 4th place.

Shaurya Garg Pandey - Global 4th place.

Racshanyaa Jagadish - Global 6th place.

Vidhi Narang - Global 10th place.

Kushal Gupta - Global 12th place.

Damita Jain - Global 15th place.

Abhinand Prakash - Global 18th place.


These remarkable achievements by GIIS students not only reflect their academic prowess but also underscore the school's commitment to nurturing creativity and skills beyond classroom learning. It exemplifies how the school equips its students with 21st-century skills to reach new heights in their future endeavours.


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