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August 01, 2023

Students demonstrate excellent debating skills during Model United Nations 2023 

GIIS SMART Campus successfully hosted the highly anticipated Model United Nations 2023 event from July 15 to 17. Over the course of three days, students enthusiastically demonstrated their debating skills while engaging in meaningful discussions on various global issues.


GIIS MUN 2023 featured an impressive lineup of 15 committees, catering to both beginners, such as DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Council), and more advanced participants, like JCC (Joint Crisis Committee). Through active engagement in these committees, delegates gained invaluable insights into international affairs, honed their debating skills, developed leadership abilities, and cultivated teamwork, fostering essential values for their personal growth.


The event not only nurtured creativity and talent but also empowered the young leaders of the school to thrive, exemplifying the holistic learning principles. Initiatives and platforms like the MUN at GIIS exemplify the school's commitment to laying a strong foundation for its students, preparing them to become global leaders of the future. 


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