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November 13, 2019

Yu Neng Primary School students visit SMART Campus for Exchange Programme

Students from Yu Neng Primary school visited GIIS SMART Campus on 5th of November as part of an exchange programme and students from both the schools enjoyed a great intermingling session during a series of engaging activities.

The group of 25 students from Yu Neng primary school, a Ministry of Education school in Singapore, enjoyed a digital classroom experience with Grade 5 students at SMART Campus where they did a Social Science project together. As part of the project, the students from both the schools were combined to form teams and create a presentation on a given topic. The teams first came up with the ideal solution to the given problem and then presented their points in front of the class.

The classroom interaction was followed by a friendly badminton match which was played in the MPH in teams of 2 students each. The students visiting from Yu Neng Primary were all from athletes background and indulged in a high-spirited game.

Towards the end of the exchange programme, the Yu Neng Primary School students were given a campus tour and taken around to experience the skill-based labs other NextGen facilities at the campus. Yu Neng Primary students presented their GIIS buddies with handmade cards and also an artwork made by their students.

Yu Neng Primary School visited the SMART Campus to experience our holistic pedagogy, GIIS’ focus on sports, health and fitness through the Gold Squad Programme, and particularly the use of data analytics in sports through SPEDAS. The exchange programme was part of their initiative [email protected] Neng that aims to develop global awareness and 21st-century competencies in their student-athletes.

The exchange programme was a fun learning activity for both schools.  

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