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March 17, 2021

SMART Campus celebrates Kindergarten Graduation Day

At SMART campus, the Kindergarten Graduation Day ceremony was celebrated on March 16 2021. The ceremony was conducted with great pomp and enthusiasm. Kindergarten Graduation is a special milestone in a preschooler’s life. The Kindergarteners are about to start the next stage of their educational journey and this ceremony is a great opportunity to celebrate the learning and to recognize one of the firsts of many milestones the little ones are yet to achieve. 

It was heart-warming to watch them holding their tealights in their hands, walking with great confidence on the stage humming the lyrics of “I have a dream”. This was followed by a short prayer by our K1 students which marked the commencement of the ceremony. Performances by our K1 students and a ramp walk by our Nursery models kept our spectators entertained. 

The parents were feeling extremely proud to see their kids walk across the stage to receive their preschool graduation certificates. Reminiscences by our K2 graduates were displayed on the screen as they spoke about the wonderful time they spent at school with their teachers and their peers. The class montage summarised their cherished memories.

The event culminated with K2 parents and students sharing a special video they created as an expression of their gratitude and appreciation for the teachers.


                                                  As you cherish the fruits of your hard work

                                 We wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do

                                                                   Today and always!!                 

                                                  Congratulations and Happy Graduation!!



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