February 26, 2019

GSF chairman Atul Temurnikar features in book on NRI business luminaries

SINGAPORE, 26 FEBRUARY, 2019: GSF chairman and entrepreneur Mr Atul Temurnikar was among the Non-Resident Indians featured in a new book which talks about businessmen who made it big outside their home country.

The book Indian Icon: N.R.I Business, written by renowned writer Shweta Ghanu, features Mr Temurnikar as an entrepreneur who started the Global Schools Foundation which successfully runs a number of International schools in 7 countries.

The book details about Mr Temurnikar's struggles, his life journey, his core values and his future vision. It details Mr Temurnikar's influences - including the values imparted on him by his parents, and his passion about taking the flagship Global Indian International School to new heights of success. Through exclusive interviews with the writer, Mr Temurnikar also talks about lessons he has learnt along the way and the advice he would give to the younger generation of entrepreneurs. 

The book was released at an official event, held in Pune on 24th February 2019 and was attended by eminent guests including Arun Firodia, Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale, Vinayak Govilkar and Ravindra Prabhudesai. The NRIs who have featured in the book are Sanjeev Nabar from Bangkok, Harshwardhan Bhave from Singapore, Rajesh Dikshit from Canada, Dilip Amdekar from London, Satish Joshi from Dubai and Yogesh Joshi from Bangkok.

All were present on the occasion and were felicitated for their achievements. They also spoke about their journey, inspiring the audience to pursue their dreams and vision.

"I am happy to be featured in a book that details achievements of business leaders outside India," Mr Temurnikar said. "I hope it will be an inspiration to many aspiring businessmen," he added. 


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