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January 23, 2019

GIIS SMART Campus team wins silver at the ACIS, U-12 cricket tournament


SINGAPORE, 23 JANUARY, 2019: GIIS SMART Campus team won a silver medal at the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS), U-12 (Division 1) cricket tournament, which was held at SMART Campus, Punggol. This was an inaugural cricket match for the brand new cricket pitch at the SMART Campus and the accolade won by the school team added to the pride.

There were five participating teams – National Public School Team I, National Public School Team II, Tanglin Trust School, GIIS East Coast and GIIS SMART Campus. The tournament began on 20th November, with GIIS SMART Campus and GIIS East Coast playing the first match, and SMART Campus team winning by 73 runs. The tournament ran through the months of November till January.

Highlights of the ACSIS, U-12 (Division 1):

  • For the first tournament on 20th November, Aryan Jain from SMART Campus was the top scorer with 22 runs and other noticeable contributions came from Ramsharan S. Athreya scoring 21 runs and Vihaan Hampillikar scoring 17 runs. From GIIS East Coast campus, Rusheel Gongular scored 22 runs and the bowlers Aaryan Jain and Vihaan took 3 wickets and 2 wickets respectively.
  • For the match on 10th January, Aryan Jain scored fighting 31 in a losing cause against NPS. Rishit kaura took 2 wickets.
  • For the match on 11th January, against Tanglin Trust School, Vihaan Hampillikar scored 34 runs, Aryan Jain scored 27 runs, and the bowler Anay Kumar took 2 wickets. GIIS SMART Campus team won by 2 wickets.
  • Last league game was played on 21st January between National Public School Team II and the SMART Campus team, where the latter scored their highest score in the tournament with 178 runs in 20 overs. Captain Malhar kulkarni and Aryan Jain scored 23 runs each, Vihaan Hampillikar scored 26 runs, Kushal Gupta scored 14 runs and the bowler Athreya Prakash got 2 wickets.
  • Aryan Jain was the top scorer for GIIS SMART campus, with consistent batting performance in all four matches.

We congratulate the team for their victory and wish them all the best for future games.

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