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June 25, 2020

Atul Temurnikar was live in conversation at Radio Masti 24x7

Mr Atul Temurnikar was live on Radio Masti 24x7 where he was invited for a conversation in the show - Corner Office. Mr Atul spoke to the host about a number of topics like the founding of the school and recent changes being experienced by the education sector due to pandemic.

The host Ms Renuka Arora Bhagat, asked a series of questions from Mr Atul, starting from a conversation on how the idea of GIIS occurred to him and what were the challenges faced while starting the first Indian school in Singapore. In response, Mr Atul provided some interesting facts and anecdotes and how the school grew from a tiny campus in Mt Sophia to the present day humongous SMART Campus.

Watch the engaging conversation here:

While answering the questions, Mr Atul also pointed out the technological readiness of GIIS which helped the school transform to a virtual model in a matter of no time as the pandemic set in.

The Corner Office is a radio show conducted by Radio Masti 24 X 7 where eminent personalities in higher management roles are invited for a conversation where they share more about their journey to the top.

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