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August 29, 2022

Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder by specialized experts at GIIS Noida

GlIS Noida conducted a workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to spread awareness about the  disabilities and challenges faced by the teachers  and staff members in dealing with children with special needs.. Dr. Sonali Sirohi (a special educator), Sonia Jaitley (Founder and Director of Orane Kids) and Mr.Praval Yadav (Founder Margshree - an inclusive society and special school) were invited for the session to share their thoughts, experiences and insights on the topic.

The workshop was conducted for Teachers and shadow teachers who are associated with children diagnosed with ASD.

The key message from speakers during the workshop was to see the world from the eyes of those who are suffering from the disorder; one would understand how it feels to be treated differently in society. Someone neglected in the society or not accepted in the society is indeed traumatic. 

The workshop also laid emphasis around the society stigma that forces them to feel disconnected. Various issues like difficulty in  interacting with others, restricted interests and repetitive behaviour, symptoms that hurt the person’s ability to function properly in school work and other areas of life, etc. were also discussed in detail. 

We all should believe in inclusion and help these special children by including them in the mainstream education with the help of specialized learning modules, various indoor/outdoor activities, joint classroom coaching, etc. Initiatives like these can definitely help in reducing emotional stress for children suffering from ASD. 
It was quite an insightful session for the GIIS Noida teachers as they got an opportunity to understand various problems faced by the ASD individuals and learned ways of tackling those problems whilst showcasing calmness, love and care towards the special individuals. 

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