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August 24, 2020

Virtual Career Counselling Session for Grade 9 onwards organized at GIIS Noida

NOIDA, AUGUST, 2020 - Global Indian International School, Noida organized a career counselling session through Webinar for students and parents of Grade 9-12 on 4th August 2020. Mr. Vineet Gupta (Co-Founder and MD, Jamboree Education; Founder and Trustee, Ashoka University) and his team.

The Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of students. In today’s environment of multiple options, knowing about choices available helps children in their decision-making process. The session commenced with the School Academic Coordinator, Ms. Madhuri Kaw reiterating the importance of knowing one’s potential and subject of interest before making a decision. She also urged students to be aware of the multiple options available and take the maximum from the session. She formally welcomed Mr Vineet Gupta and the other team members from Jamboree. 

Mr. Vineet Gupta started the session with a brief account on the parameters on which the success in any field of an individual depends: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. The session aimed at making the audience aware of the multiple career options available, most sought after careers post-COVID times, the do's and don'ts while preparing for SAT, Admission process and eligibility criteria for Ivy League and other top universities abroad, He also briefed students on top Indian colleges that accept SAT scores. He also gave admission insights into the universities in US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Germany. There was a Question-Answer segment too, wherein students could clarify all their doubts with him. He also urged all students to select the subjects as per their interest and goal and start taking smaller steps towards the goal from Grade 9 onwards. He said that Grade 11 was a very important class in a student's life, it being the foundation of future options. He also advised them to participate in the extra-curricular activities held at various platforms and work towards the profile-enhancement in the coming years. The session was interactive, informative and enriching for students as well as parents.

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