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April 12, 2022

Excitement, happiness, and enthusiasm marked the beginning of the new academic session at GIIS Noida

Since we resumed offline school after a span of two years, each segment at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida had special activities planned for welcoming the students back to school.


Teachers planned different interactive and engaging activities keeping in mind that students cannot learn if the classroom community does not mingle and learn as a group. The physical classes commenced from 6th April with welcoming each student in the class individually by the teacher and many must-do activities that helped students feel comfortable with each other and with the teachers. For this purpose, the first week was called “Happiness week” for both teachers and students. Activities like booknic with teddy (story time), feed joker game, clay-time, singing and dancing on happy tunes, colouring activity, spot jumping, etc. were conducted to make children feel happy, engaged and comfortable in the classroom.

Grades 1-5

Students from grades 2 to 5 participated in various creative activities that provided the students with a fruitful beginning to the all-new academic session. Since the school is now functioning in the offline mode, all the students of the segment were given a warm welcome by their teachers on the first day. The day started with prayer, self-introduction of the teacher and students followed by an array of interesting activities. A myriad of activities was conducted to make the students familiar with school, their new class and classmates.

Grade 2 students made a 3D apple in which they wrote about their own self; Grade 3 were instructed to make a popcorn basket wherein they had to write about “What kind of student they would be?”. Each student wrote about the qualities they would like to inculcate in themselves. Similarly, the students of grade 4 were asked to write about three goals for the upcoming session and the things they are grateful for. They shared their views and interacted very interestingly. Lastly, grade 5 students wrote about their ownself, the topic being “Me and Myself”.

They all were happy and seemed interactive while doing these activities. Happiness of reuniting with their friends could very well be observed among the classrooms. Children did various activities with full excitement and presented their work with a lot of confidence. Such initiative by the school not only makes children engrossed in imaginative & creative skills but also helps them to exhibiting their artistic, oratory and calligraphic skills.

Grades 6-12

The new session for the secondary wing started with the mixed feelings of excitement, joy, and enthusiasm among all. The students were welcomed by the respective class teachers in and a formal introduction was conducted to ease out children and bring them in sync to the offline mode. Students were also sensitised on covid protocols to be followed in school. Teachers even conducted an activity where children were asked to open up and share their experiences of the online classes during the pandemic.  

The first week focused on acclimatising students to the physical mode and several fun activities were planned across all grades to make them comfortable to the offline mode of teaching and learning. The simple objective of conducting these fun activities was to assess the learning gaps of students and devise further plan of action to bridge that gap with appropriate measures and lesson plans.

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