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August 03, 2022

Human Values Week teach students the meaning of being human

Human Values constitute an important aspect of self-improvisation and serve as guiding principles for an individual. A week long celebrations were held in GIIS Noida’s Pre-primary wing to describe the need and importance of Human Values in the era of digital education. The objective was to impart right human values in our children and educate them with various values like Gratitude, honesty, etc. that  develops their personality and character.

On Day one of Human Values Week,  children learnt about Gratitude by making thank you card for class didi.. This made them understand the importance of each and every person  in life and  also to show their gratitude towards everyone

Day two and three were focussed on teaching chirpy cherubs of the school about Responsibility, and Truth and Honesty. 

A cleanliness drive was initiated, where the Children were told to collect dry leaves, twigs from the school grounds and put them in the dustbin, to make them understand the responsibility of keeping the surroundings neat and clean. Children had fun doing this activity and really enjoyed cleaning the school ground area.  

To explain Truth and Honesty teachers narrated the story of ‘a boy who cried wolf’ to the children through PPT and props. After the story narration, children were able to understand the value of Truth. They were able to get the concept of how truth and honesty cannot be defeated. 

Next in line was Joy of giving (Kindness & Sharing) that was explained through PPT. Teachers had taught students how one can be happy by sharing our things with others. Students were told to donate biscuit packets to the needy people around them like didi in school, house help at homes, guards in their society, etc. At last, Teacher narrated a story about ‘Mufaro’s beautiful daughters’ which helped them in understanding the importance of giving things to the needy. Students were encouraged to feel thankful for the things they are blessed with. 

The objective behind the week-long celebrations was to encourage students to imbibe good values and to care for those who are in need. Such activities helped students in building their character and determining what is right from wrong. It also changes their perception of the world, counter bad Influence from peers, cope with difficult situations, boost their Self-Confidence and think about others as well.


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