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February 13, 2023

GIIS Noida becomes host for the 7th Annual Sahodaya School Complex Conference 2023

GIIS Noida is elated to share that we hosted the 7th Annual Sahodaya School Complex Ncr (east) Conference 2023 in our campus that saw participation from more than 80 principals and CBSE officials from the region. The conference was graced by Sh. Anurag Tripathi – Hon’ble Secretary CBSE as Chief Guest and Mr. Rakesh Khatri – Founder Eco Roots Foundation & Nest Man of India as a special guest.

The objective of the conference was “Unfolding the Extraordinary Visions of National Education Policy 2020 & Quality Education.” It was one of a kind event that witnessed academicians from various schools and the CBSE participating with their full might to discuss and device new strategies for continuous professional development of teachers. The idea was to encourage advancement and improvement of the existing methodologies and pedagogies through trainings and workshops, curriculum enhancement to offer students a holistic experience, etc.

Ways of inculcating moral and cultural values in children from early on was also discussed in detail during the conference.

Mr. Anurag Tripathi, in his address to the audience, spoke at length about the need of transforming ways of education among the stakeholders. He urged principals to dive deep into the curriculum by inviting experts from the relevant industries and getting the staff trained. Mr. Tripathi also said – “It is imperative for our students to be critical thinkers, collaborators, and problems solvers. That is why the need of the hour is to train our students to be all-rounders, and not just good in academics. Today, the world needs people who have are emotionally and socially sound, and can offer solutions and implement them with confidence and skills.”

The conference was also graced by Mr. Rakesh Khatri who is popularly known as the Nest Man of India. He shared his journey of becoming the nest man, and how a small habit from his childhood led to this whole new adventure of creating more than 6lakh nests across the country. He urged the principals and CBSE official present to unite and take up this noble cause of creating and planting nests for the birds at school level by involving children and teachers and bring birds back to the urban cities.

GIIS Noida believes in supporting the causes that educates and uplifts humanity and encourages people to use their skills in providing solutions in harmony with the nature and mankind.

As a result of this conference, we are sure that education sector will be experiencing a paradigm shift in the way of learning and teaching methodologies and focusing more on the 360 development of our children.

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