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January 20, 2023

Sona Ginpaul wins second runners up trophy at the All India Ranking Junior Tournament

GIIS Noida is happy to announce that Sona Ginpaul of grade 12 has made it big by winning the second runners up position at the All India Ranking Junior Tournament held in Chandigarh. The badminton lad of our school outshined at the tournament by competing with 1100 students from different cities of the country.

Sonal Ginpaul is a grade 12 student of GIIS and is a devoted sportsman who practices for hours to perfect is game and dream of representing the country at international platforms.

He is a holder of the of GIIS Global Sports Scholarship that supports upcoming talents in various sports. The scholarship provides the aspirants with foundational assistance to help the aspiring sportsmen/women do their best in various state, national or international competitions.

Sona has been on a winning streak from long as he has won multiple competitions throughout the year. On being asked about his happiness and comments on his latest win, Sona shared his excitement and joy on being a part of such a big tournament. He also mentioned about the opportunity of meeting Pullela Gopichand – Chief National Coach of the Indian Badminton Team at the prize distribution ceremony.

We are sure with his hard work, capabilities and talents, he is going to make us all proud.

Who knows, he may be the next Pullela Gopichand of India!!

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