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April 24, 2021

Tiny tots sensitized about the importance of environment on Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth is the only planet that supports life and it is our only home. Earth Day has importance as it is, in a way, a reminder to relook and re-examine our actions that aren’t eco-friendly or energy-efficient. Earth day, therefore, prompts us that we need to take appropriate actions to protect our environment before it’s too late.

To educate the little ones of GIIS, Noida, Earth Day was observed virtually by conducting various activities over two days.

Circle Time Activity: Powerpoint presentation on Earth Day was used by the teachers to educate the students about the theme and the importance of saving trees. Teachers discussed and shared steps one can follow to keep our Earth clean, green, and beautiful. Children were also sensitized to grow more trees and use a dustbin to throw trash, save water and electricity, and save energy to keep our environment clean and green.

Story Narration activity: A video based on the theme was shared with the students. Teachers narrated a story on “how trees are our best friends and why we should not cut them” to emphasize the value of green plants and trees. With the help of this interactive activity, children were encouraged and motivated to plant a sapling/tree and not pluck plants or cut trees.

Value of Trees activity: Children were explained the importance of trees and how trees are helpful to everyone. The theme ‘Save trees for life’ was emphasized by the teachers in the virtual class.

Earth Day fantastic craft activity: Each class made beautiful paper bags in the craft class organized virtually. Teachers showed a video of THE PAPER BAG activity and explained the steps in detail. Parents too participated enthusiastically by arranging the materials well in advance for the students to create eco-friendly bags.

Students, by participating in these various activities, got an opportunity to understand that resources are limited and priceless, and should be preserved for future generations to enjoy and therefore how important it is to use these resources mindfully. The celebrations encouraged the students of the pre-primary wing to understand the threat that is being posed to the environment due to the improper use of the resources, and how essential it is to take appropriate steps proactively in protecting the environment before it gets too late.

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