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April 19, 2021

Primary students celebrate the International day of monuments and heritage sites

 The primary segment of GIIS, Noida celebrated World Heritage Day to familiarize the students with its relevance, which is to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of our country. 

Heritage Day, also known as the International Day of monuments and sites, is celebrated all over the world to increase awareness among the people to preserve and conserve the tangible and intangible sites present in one’s country. The initiative aims at encouraging the youth of a nation, to take up the responsibility of maintaining and protecting these sites of cultural importance, so that the future generations can identify and relate to them and enjoy their presence at the same time.

A Powerpoint presentation was used by teachers to educate students on the country’s ancient monuments and historical sites. The virtual tour was used as a medium to provide students with some in-depth insights of the subject. The activities were organized to engage the students and address their inquisitiveness and interests as they happily participated in activities, class discussions, and creative tasks to bring forth their responsible side of the personality that compels them to do their bit in promoting and conserving the rich cultural heritage of India. 

Let’s have a look at the activities conducted class-wise:

Grade 2 students were asked to elaborate the word ‘HERITAGE’ using each letter for any name of monument or historical site. They enjoyed doing the activity and displayed their creativity by writing the same and using various craft materials to beautify it in different forms. 

Grade 3 students made colourful paper cut-outs in the form of a hand. Names of any five monuments were to be written on the fingers along with the pictures made on the palm. 

Grade 4 students were given an interesting task to create a 3D slogan. They were asked to make a 3D structure using waste material available at home, like an old newspaper, cardboard, etc., and write a slogan of their choice on a separate sheet. The final structure was to be formed by pasting or attaching both in the most creative way possible.

Grade 5 students enjoyed making Travelogue. They illustrated and shared a brief about the historical sites or monuments they have visited in the past. They crafted their memories in form of a small book, brochure, or pamphlet.

The activities conducted helped the students in understanding their roles as responsible citizens of the nation, and work towards safeguarding/restoring the cultural sites for future generations. The celebrations gave an insight into Indian ancient monuments & sites and how these sites are an asset to us as they help us understand our history and the basis of our culture. 

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