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August 23, 2018

Leaders in making; GIIS Students shine at the MUN conference conducted by the Millennium school


NOIDA, 24 AUGUST, 2018 - Six students got awarded for exceptional knowledge and presentation at CONCILLIUM Model United Nations - a two day conference held at the Millennium School, Noida, where they got a chance to understand about political diplomacy, international relations and in depth working of India's parliament and the United Nations.

Five students from Grade 7 and 8 participated in the Lok Sabha assembly whereas four students from Grades 9-10 took part in different committees of the United Nations. They were allotted with delegation of different countries and role of different ministers which they portrayed quite well in front of the panel of judges during the two-day event.

Akshat Sharma, who won the best delegate title in the conference has also been awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 2500/-. Let's have a look at the results:

 Name of the student  Award Title  Category
 Akshat Sharma  Best Delegate  UNHS (CHINA)
 Tanishq Tyagi  Verbal mention  UNESCO SOC
 Sameeksha  Verbal mention  UNESCO SOC
 Parishkrit Prashar  High Commendation  LOK SABHA
 Adya Mani Murugan  Verbal mention  -
 Inesh Jain  Verbal mention  -

The conference was a perfect way of engaging students in activities that made them research and work on their public speaking skills. The conference helped in perfecting debating and writing skills of our students; critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities came handy to each one participating.



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