February 21, 2018

Kindergarteners get first-hand experience on robotics

Learning opportunities become meaningful when technology is integrated effectively into the classroom. Kindergarten students have short attention spans but their interest is sparked by technology. Through the new initiative that was started on January 24, 2018 and conducted by the representatives of The Enrichment Ark, our K1 and K2 students were introduced to Dash the Robot and Giro the Robot. As part of the first lesson, they were briefed about the meaning, functions and movements of a robot in various directions. Relevant activities were conducted as reinforcement and follow-up activities.  

Lesson 2 focused of how energy sources are different for robots and living things and the kind of materials that allow conductivity of electricity.  They got to work with batteries and wires and learnt to close a circuit – they thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience.

Lesson 3 was about coding (giving instructions to the robot) and sequencing.  Students were briefed about why sequential and logical thinking is required in coding.   This was made interesting through games and students had the opportunity to give instructions and watch Dash the robot move based on the instructions they gave.

Lesson 4 was about how stability affects the design for a robot.  Students were briefed about the importance of stability for the base.  This was made interesting through games by using straws and wooden blocks.  Students made tall towers using wooden blocks.

Lesson 5 was about designing a primate robot. The students used paper cups, sketch pens, battery and a motor. After connecting the battery and the motor, they could see the movement of the cups which simultaneously created colourful designs on the sheet of paper using the sketch pens which were taped on to their cups.  They were absolutely thrilled to watch the outcome of their work and were elated when they were told that they could take them home.

Each lesson is a wonderful hands-on experience for our students and they look forward to their robotics class every week.

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