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Budding athletes participate in 11th annual primary and kindergarten sports day

The much-awaited Sports day for the Primary and Kindergarten students of East Coast campus and the Kindergarteners of Mountbatten campus was held at L.M. Singhvi stadium on 24th February 2018. The chief guest for the day was Mr David Shum who is a …

KG students get a glimpse into animal life this year

Students at the Mountbatten campus have been learning about various categories of farm and aquatic animals, and endangered species, such as mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, amphibians, polar animals etc. during the course of this year. K2 students …

Kindergarteners get first-hand experience on robotics

Learning opportunities become meaningful when technology is integrated effectively into the classroom. Kindergarten students have short attention spans but their interest is sparked by technology. Through the new initiative that was started on January 24, …

Artists Inspire Students to appreciate Performing Arts and be Devoted to One’s Field

What does it truly take to succeed? When one looks at a famous movie star, it is easy to imagine that success just happened. Overnight, this person …

How does International Curricula add value?
Priya Kapoor, IB PYP C GIIS

International curricula are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for students and parents as the education is evolving from being local to …

When I hosted my first podcast at the Radio Studio in my school
Sreejana Basu, Student GIIS

  I recently got the opportunity to host one of the podcasts where I had to interview Ms Divya Prasad, the student counsellor at GIIS SMART …

Dr Chinnadurai Amutha's Testimony for GIIS EC Campus

Dr Chinnadurai Amutha, Senior Consultant, Department of Neonatology, is a mother of two children who have studied in GIIS East Coast campus. Hear Dr Amutha speak about how the school helped her children realise their niche and individual talent.

Nov 27th

GIIS Culinary studio

GIIS SMART Campus has a number of skills-based labs which will provide students appropriate training to get a well-rounded education. With a capacity to hold over 35 students at a time, the lab has a chef station, multiple workgroup stations for students,

Nov 19th