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November 21, 2017

DIY science day out – a learning experience


The Science week for the preschoolers started with a lot of excitement and buzz where teachers revealed the “Magic of Science” in the classrooms. Some of the experiments conducted are milk painting using dish washing liquid and food coloring, inflation of a balloon using baking soda and vinegar, travelling balloon, bubble fun, Rangoli underwater and on the surface of the water, magic rainbow experiment, candle oxygen experiment, rain experiment using shaving foam etc. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

DIY Science Day Out held on November 8 2017 at Mountabbten campus, was the culmination of the week where enthusiastic parents set up the apparatus for a fun filled journey into "the world of discovery through science"! There were experiments on Density of liquids, Static charge, Magnetism, Absorption, Buoyant Force and many others to name a few.

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