February 25, 2018

KG students get a glimpse into animal life this year

Students at the Mountbatten campus have been learning about various categories of farm and aquatic animals, and endangered species, such as mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, amphibians, polar animals etc. during the course of this year.

K2 students were also introduced to the interesting topic of planets, continents, oceans, rotation and revolution etc. The learning journey that was conducted on the theme ‘Animal Planet’ on February 13, was a culmination of the entire topic of the animal kingdom and planets. There was a flurry of activities and the campus was abuzz with classes showcasing what they had learnt over the past few months.

These opportunities reinforce and complement the information absorbed thereby developing each child’s self-esteem and developing their personalities. Parents were invited for the event and kindergarten students also showcased whatever they learnt via presentation with great confidence which was highly appreciated by one and all.

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