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July 12, 2019

Green initiatives at GIIS SMART Campus receives its first recognition

GIIS SMART Campus won the prestigious GAIL Sustainability Innovator Award for its green practices and initiatives in the design of the campus, in a first-ever recognition for the campus that is known to have carefully balanced 21st-century architecture with green initiatives.

The inaugural award by the RHT Academy is given in recognition of businesses with products and services that actively enable sustainability. The SMART Campus won the recognition for applying innovation to achieve positive social, environment and economic impact. This brings the total award tally for GIIS to 117.

GIIS deputy chief executive officer Kaustubh Bodhankar accepted the award on Wednesday night at a gala ceremony at the Sentosa Golf Club after a panel of four judges recognised the school for displaying evidence of positive results that reflect unique solutions with sustainable approaches and innovative solutions in recycling and waste reduction that contribute to a circular economy.

Various parameters on which GIIS was chosen for the award category were Innovation and Creativity, effective implementations, positive business impact and results achieved, areas of outstanding performance and so on.

RHT Academy is a business leader in the field of training and development. The Academy organised an inaugural RHT RMF GAIL Sustainability Day and used the same platform to recognise the businesses that offer products or services which actively enable sustainability.

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