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February 01, 2024

GIIS Tokyo Congratulates Alaina Santhosh on achieving excellence in IGCSE Mathematics (0580)

We are delighted to share the extraordinary accomplishment of Alaina Santosh, a student of GIIS Tokyo, who has achieved the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award in the June 2023 Series. Alaina's remarkable dedication and academic achievements have led her to secure the highest mark globally in the IGCSE Mathematics (0580) examination, making her a true global top achiever in this esteemed examination.

Alaina Santosh's achievement in the IGCSE Mathematics (0580) examination is truly remarkable. Her hard work, determination, and commitment to academic excellence have set her apart and brought recognition to GIIS Tokyo. Alaina's attainment of the highest mark worldwide in this challenging subject is a testament to her diligence and the excellent guidance she received from our dedicated teaching staff.

Being acknowledged as a Global Top Achiever in IGCSE Mathematics (0580) is a significant accomplishment. This prestigious recognition underscores Alaina Santosh's proficiency in mathematics and her ability to excel on an international scale. It highlights her as an exceptional learner within the Cambridge International community, a distinction that reflects both her personal dedication and the high-quality education provided by GIIS Tokyo.

Principal Ma'am, our esteemed leader, has commended Alaina's dedication to her studies and the values of discipline and hard work instilled in her during her time at GIIS Tokyo. Principal Ma'am on behalf of GIIS Tokyo  extends her heartfelt congratulations to Alaina and encourages all students to follow her example by striving for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Alaina Santosh's achievement as the Global Top Achiever in IGCSE Mathematics (0580) is a source of immense pride for GIIS Tokyo. It reflects not only her exceptional abilities but also the nurturing environment and outstanding guidance provided by our institution. Alaina's success serves as an inspiration for all our students, reaffirming GIIS Tokyo's commitment to academic excellence. We wholeheartedly congratulate Alaina on her well-deserved recognition and eagerly anticipate witnessing her future achievements.

GIIS Tokyo Communications

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