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January 15, 2024

GIIS Tokyo Celebrates International Hindi Diwas at the Indian Embassy

On a day filled with cultural vibrancy and fervor, students from Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo came together to celebrate International Hindi Diwas at the Indian Embassy. This event, organized with utmost enthusiasm and pride, not only emphasized the significance of the Hindi language but also paid a heartfelt tribute to Bharatendu Harishchandra, the eminent Indian poet, writer, and playwright.

Bharatendu Harishchandra, widely regarded as the father of Hindi literature and Hindi theatre, has left an indelible mark on the world of Hindi language and literature. The event commenced with a presentation by GIIS Tokyo students, who delved into the life and contributions of this iconic literary figure. Harishchandra's legacy as an influential Hindu "traditionalist" in North India was highlighted, showcasing his ardent promotion of the continuity of received tradition while advocating for active participation in the modern world. modern forms of the Hindi language.

A particularly touching moment during the celebration came when students presented a beautiful poem that eloquently conveyed the importance of the Hindi language. The poem resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing the cultural richness and linguistic diversity that Hindi represents. It served as a poignant reminder of the role language plays in preserving cultural identities and connecting individuals across borders.

Adding a unique and traditional flavor to the event, GIIS Tokyo students performed a Nukkad Natak, a famous part of Indian tradition. The street play aimed to raise awareness about the Hindi language in a distinctive and often satirical manner. Nukkad Natak is known for its high energy and enthusiastic performances, quickly attracting large crowds. Through this engaging street play, students effectively propagated awareness about Hindi, capturing the essence of its cultural significance in a lively and entertaining way.

GIIS Tokyo, one of the top CBSE schools overseas, takes pride in offering world-class education with a strong focus on academic excellence and cultural heritage appreciation. Our dedicated teachers have played a pivotal role in nurturing students' linguistic skills and fostering a deep appreciation for Hindi language and culture.

This commitment was vividly demonstrated during our recent celebration of International Hindi Diwas at the Indian Embassy. This event served as a heartfelt tribute to the Hindi language and its luminaries, underlining its significance in India's diverse cultural landscape. The program left a lasting impression on attendees, emphasizing the importance of promoting languages and culture in our community.

In the spirit of International Hindi Diwas, GIIS Tokyo reaffirms its commitment to celebrating linguistic diversity and embracing contributions like Bharatendu Harishchandra's. The students' performances, guided by dedicated teachers, reflect their passion for preserving the flame of Hindi language and culture in a foreign land.

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