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December 15, 2023

GIIS Tokyo Celebrates the Marvels of Literature

From December 4th to 8th of 2023, GIIS Tokyo, Nishi-Kasai campus, immersed itself in the enchantment of literature during our much-anticipated annual Book Week. A literary celebration that transcended the ordinary, this week unfolded with a rich tapestry of activities aimed at igniting the passion for reading among our students.

The festivities kicked off with engaging D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) sessions, where every corner of our campus echoed with the rustling of pages as students delved into the magical worlds within the covers of their chosen books. The enthusiasm was palpable, setting the tone for an inspiring week ahead.

One of the highlights was the lively Book Character Day, seamlessly integrated into our House Activity program. The corridors transformed into a vibrant parade of beloved literary figures, as students and staff alike embraced the opportunity to embody their favorite characters. The sense of camaraderie and shared literary love was heartening, reinforcing the idea that books have the power to unite us in delightful and unexpected ways.

Adding a cinematic flair to our literary celebration, Book Movie Time transported us from the written word to the visual realm. Students enjoyed film adaptations of their cherished books, fostering a deeper connection with the narratives that had captured their imaginations. The laughter, gasps, and occasional tears echoed the emotional journey that reading can take us on.

A showstopper during the week was the captivating Book Cover Art Gallery, a testament to the creative prowess of our students. A stunning array of 271 unique creations adorned the walls, each a visual representation of the worlds they had explored through the pages of their chosen books. The gallery not only showcased artistic talent but also served as a reminder of the diverse stories that captivate young minds.

The pinnacle of Book Week 2023 was undoubtedly the spectacular double virtual event that left an indelible mark on our literary journey. We proudly unveiled the winners of the inaugural GSF interschool writing contest, Tsundoku: A Treasure of Tales. The competition, spanning 18 GSF campuses from 6 different countries, showcased the remarkable literary talent of students across the globe.

Winners of Tsundoku: A Treasure of Tales 2023: 

  • Category 4-5 (600-1200 words):
    • 1st. GIIS Balewadi, Pune, India: Nitara Neelakant A. (CBSE 5A)
    • 2nd. OWIS Sarjapur Campus, Bengaluru, India: Eesen Madhi Indran (IB PYP 5A)
    • 3rd. GIIS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Vedanth Venkitachalam (CBSE 5B)
  • Category 6-8 (1200-1800 words):
    • 1st. GIIS Ahmedabad, India: Aarattrika Mahajan (CBSE 7A)
    • 2nd. GIIS Noida, India: Aarya Mishra (CBSE 6B)
    • 3rd. GIIS Tokyo Nishi-Kasai, Japan: Abhilasha Paul (CBSE 7B)
  • Category 9-12 (1800-2200 words):
    • 1st. OWIS Sarjapur Campus, Bengaluru, India: Aadya Mahajan (IB MYP 9A)
    • 2nd. Glendale Academy International, Hyderabad Campus, India: Tanushree Shabad (CBSE 12C)
    • 3rd. GIIS Tokyo Nishi-Kasai, Japan: Aarushi Sali (CBSE 10A)

The joyous celebrations echoed globally, reinforcing the universal love for storytelling.

The virtual euphoria continued with the much-anticipated Virtual Author Visit featuring the esteemed British best-selling author, Ms. Michelle Harrison. Her insights into the art of writing, coupled with candid responses to our students' inquisitive questions, brought the world of literature to life. Michelle's presence added a layer of depth to Book Week 2023, contributing to a memorable and enriching literary experience for the GIIS Tokyo community.

As we celebrated our local and global literary triumphs, the week culminated as a delightful celebration of literature, creativity, and the pure joy of reading. From the corridors filled with animated discussions to the virtual connections forged with literary icons, Book Week 2023 at GIIS Tokyo, Nishi-Kasai campus, will be remembered as a testament to the transformative power of words in shaping young minds. 

We express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Samuel Acosta, our Nishi-Kasai Librarian, for his unwavering passion for students and books. He was the driving force behind this initiative and the success of Book Week 2023.

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