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November 10, 2008

Global Indian International School, East Coast Campus receives ‘Singapore Quality Class’ recognition

It was a 5 minutes discussion in 2004, during a car ride from Ritz Carlton Hotel to GIIS campus, between Mr. Narayana Murthy, a member of Presidium of Patrons of Global Indian Foundation & Chairman Atul Temurnikar that set the tone for GIIS’s path to excellence. During the brief discussion, Mr. Murthy had said, “let us put GIIS in top 5 among Indian Schools outside India”. And this sparked off, the excellence journey at GIIS.

From early 2007, the GIF board members initiated a committee under leadership of Shailesh Temurnikar, to work on an excellence plan and in early 2008, launched the “Global Centre of Education Excellence” GCEE in Singapore. The first fruit of GCEE centre’s excellence initiative is the achievement of SPRING’s “Singapore Quality Class” recognition.

The Global Indian International School became the 2nd international school in Singapore to receive the prestigious “Singapore Quality Class” status from the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING) Singapore, the first being Tanglin Trust.

There are over 40 international schools in Singapore and it is a prestigious moment for the entire Indian community here that their school has become the 2nd school to have achieved the “Singapore Quality Class” recognition. Some of the MOE schools (non international schools) have received such recognition include Raffles, Hwa Chong, have taken more than one attempt as well as 2 to 4 years to achieve recognition.

GIIS has become the first school to have received the “Singapore Quality Class” recognition within 6 months, and that too in first attempt itself, said a member of The Business Excellence Assessment Committee of SPRING.

GIIS will receive the “Singapore Quality Class” recognition award at the SPRING gala dinner on 17th Nov 2008.

We extend heartiest congratulations to Mr. BG Shenoy, Director Global Centre of Education Excellence (GCEE) at GIF, and Dr. Anju Aditya, Principal of GIIS East Coast and all the GIIS team members who worked relentlessly to achieve this historic Quality achievement.

Maneesh Tripathi
CEO & Director General
Global Indian Foundation

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