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June 20, 2024

GIIS Tokyo Showcases Innovation During STEM Week

At GIIS Tokyo’s Higashikasai campus, we recently held STEM Week, a vibrant and dynamic series of events that, for the first time, brought together our Math, Science, and IT departments. This collaboration introduced a new level of innovation and synergy between these essential fields, enriching our students' educational experience.

The week began with class-specific activities where students engaged in hands-on projects and experiments meticulously designed by the Math, Science, and IT departments. These activities offered immersive experiences, allowing students to explore and apply concepts in real-world scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects.

A highlight of STEM Week was the presentation and competition of STEM projects. Students showcased their innovative projects to the entire school, demonstrating creativity, complexity, and excellent presentation skills. The top three projects were honoured for their outstanding contributions, reflecting the high calibre of talent nurtured at GIIS Tokyo.

Adding a competitive and fun element to the week was an inter-house STEM quiz. This event tested students' knowledge across Math, Science, and IT, encouraging a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition. Students enjoyed the challenge, which also provided an opportunity to demonstrate their quick thinking and comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

The week concluded with a display of STEM projects for parents during the Parent Teacher Meeting PTM. This exhibition allowed parents to witness firsthand the incredible work and creativity of their children. It highlighted the innovative spirit that GIIS Tokyo fosters in its students and emphasised the importance of parental engagement in their educational journey.

Among the outstanding projects were Grade 6's Circuit Boards and Input/Output models, Grade 7's Sustainable/Renewable Energy projects, AI in Healthcare, and Self-Sustainable House models, Grade 8's Smart Bins and Binchotan Charcoal Battery, IGCSE Grade 9's Soccer and Physics, Vieta's Theorem, and Hydraulics projects, and IGCSE Grade 10's Ice Stupas, Future Agriculture, and Aerodynamics of Car Designs.

STEM Week at GIIS Tokyo was a tremendous success, showcasing the innovative spirit and dedication of our students. The collaboration between the Math, Science, and IT departments exemplified our commitment to educational excellence. This synergy not only enriched the students' learning experience but also inspired them to pursue future careers in STEM fields.

We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements and the hard work they have put into their projects. Their ingenuity and dedication are a true reflection of the quality of education at GIIS Tokyo. We look forward to continuing this partnership and inspiring the next generation of leaders in STEM fields. GIIS Tokyo remains committed to providing an exceptional educational experience, fostering innovation, and preparing our students for a bright and successful future.

Watch our STEM projects in the videos below:

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