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August 16, 2013

Top scores in SAT examinations highlight academic competency of GIIS students


Four students secure 100% scores

GIIS students have excelled in competitive SAT and SAT subject tests, designed to assess the academic readiness of students for university education.

Admissions to universities worldwide entail a competitive application process. Several universities worldwide measure the academic success of an applicant based on SAT scores.

Exam scores of SAT, which stands for Standardized Admission Test, are considered to be an important component of the admission profile. SAT tests the academic skills and knowledge required for admissions in US-based universities.

SAT 2 is the subject test which demonstrates the students content strength in a particular subject, such as Biology and Chemistry. Students take SAT subject test to showcase knowledge in subjects of their choice to make their university applications distinct/stand out. The SAT and SAT subject tests keep pace with what universities are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century.

The school provides coaching and mentoring for SAT tests to students and tracks the students performance closely which prepares them well for the competitive exams. In 2012-2013, around 80% GIIS students from CBSE and IB Diploma appeared for SAT tests, while around 50% students appeared for SAT 2.

GIIS SAT 2 High Scorers

 Student  Class  Test date  Subjects  Score
 Devrat Kaushal  CBSE Class 12  December 2012  Physics and Maths  1600/1600
 Gaury Nagraju  IB Diploma  December 2012  Physics and Maths  1600/1600
 Yash Chitale  CBSE Class 12  June 13  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  2400/2400
 Ayush Mishra  CBSE Class 12  June 13  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  2400/2400
 Anubhav Nayak  CBSE Class 12  June 13  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  2390/2400
 Raj Singh  CBSE Class 12  June 13  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  2380/2400
 Mayank Kumar   CBSE Class 12  December 2012  Physics, Chemistry, Maths  2380/2400
 Symantak Das  CBSE Class 12  June 13  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  2350/2400

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