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February 08, 2019

3V3 Basketball Tournament played on occasion of Republic Day


SINGAPORE, 8 FEBRUARY, 2019: The members of GIIS SMART Campus Sports Club, formed by IB Year 2 students, organised a series of friendly matches named 3V3 tournament, on the occasion of India’s Republic Day. The matches were played at the basketball court of the SMART Campus.

The tournament was held in three different categories - U-16, U-14, and U-12, so that students of all age-groups could participate.

The first segment of the tournament was the U-16 match, held on 28th January which consisted of a series of aggressive matches that lasted for ten minutes each. A total of 9 teams participated in this category and the winning team consisted of boys from Grade 9, it was a great achievement for them, as they won against the players from IB year 1.

The second segment, U-14 category match was played on the 31st January, by 8 teams consisting of Grade 8-9 students. It was a great exposure for all the players as they learnt how to work as a team. For this category also, the winners were from Grade 9.

The third and the final segment, U-12 category was played on 1st February, by 12 teams comprising Grade 4-7 students. The game was a great display of camaraderie as players as young as 9 years old competed against 12 years old players, who were taller and better experienced. The team comprising Grade 6 and 7 students won in this category.

Each of the winning team won the grand prize of $100.

3V3 tournament was a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Not every team was a winner but the tournament was a good learning ground for players to inculcate team spirit and interpersonal relationships. Students had fun moments while coming up with creative names like ‘black panthers’, ‘mcdelivery’, ‘atomic fireballs’ and many more, for their team. It was both a fun and learning experience for the students.

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