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December 12, 2018

Students have fun with words at 'Reading is Fun'


DUBAI, 09 DECEMBER, 2018: Having fun with language helps our children learn to crack the code of reading, playing with letters, words, sounds and a lot more! Kindergarten Dubai saw the ‘Reading is Fun’ activity unfold in the classrooms.

The class was given an assortment of letters, words and pictures. The children then created booklets with the help of these pictures and words. Some even wrote the words independently or with minimum support and some were able to make simple sentences. 

The young readers enjoyed reading the words associated to the picture in the booklet. Few came up with a story of the booklet they made.

It was indeed a fun way to help our children become a happy and confident reader and develop their vocabulary through infotainment. This activity not only helps the child with their reading but at an early stage introduced them to creativity and story-telling. In this time an age with the onset of digital entertainment, the reading habit has seen been effected immensely - initiatives like these help a child connect with books and develop a lifelong bond. 


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