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June 17, 2023

GIIS declared winners in two categories at Global Excellence Day

In an exhilarating display of innovation and commitment to sustainability, two prestigious schools, GIIS Dubai and GIIS Tokyo, participated in Global Excellence Day, 2023. With six teams from both schools, GIIS Dubai was declared winner in the junior and middle school category and will participate in the finals in September. 


Hosted by the Global Centre for Educational Excellence (GCEE), a division of the esteemed Global Schools Foundation (GSF), the competition saw the two institutions engage in a friendly competition centred around  Quality Circle projects.  Each team had been diligently working on their projects for months, carefully considering the environmental challenges faced by their communities and devising practical solutions to mitigate them.


The first round of the competition witnessed enthusiastic participation of students from Grades 3 to 12 and aimed at encouraging students to develop creative solutions to address various sustainability challenges within the community. 


The panel of judges, consisting of Ms Sweety Gathani and Ms Smitha Warnekar from GSF, faced a daunting task in evaluating the exceptional projects presented by both teams. Their meticulous scrutiny assessed various factors such as innovation, practicality, and overall impact on sustainability.


Under this project, teams of students from both schools formed quality circles to identify and tackle sustainability issues, with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices, waste reduction, energy conservation, and community engagement. As the world faces increasing environmental concerns, initiatives like the Quality Circle project provide hope for a greener future. 


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