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June 19, 2023

GIIS Dubai promoted sustainable practices through a fashion show: Fashion Palooza

In a bid to raise awareness about sustainable fashion practices and their positive effects on the environment and society as a whole, students from Grade 6 to 12 hosted their first sustainable fashion show: Fashion Palooza. 


The event served as an innovative platform for students to showcase their creativity and promote eco-friendly fashion choices. With a focus on sustainability, the fashion show aimed to inspire the younger generation to embrace environmentally conscious practices within the fashion industry.


Sustainable fashion is a movement that aims to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment by promoting eco-friendly practices. Fashion Palooza showcased designs that are made using sustainable materials and practices, promoting recycling and upcycling. 


The inter-house event was conducted Phase wise (Phase 3 - grades 6-8 and Phase 4 - grades 9-12). Students were provided with a platform to showcase their talent and creativity by designing sustainable clothing and accessories and presenting their fashion portfolios.


Not only did the event encourage students to think outside the box and create stylish outfits, but it also promoted a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The sustainable fashion show also served as a catalyst for important discussions surrounding the fashion industry's impact on the environment. The event fostered a sense of collective responsibility and inspired students to explore alternative ways of consuming fashion that is both stylish and sustainable.


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