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November 30, 2020

I-serve Activities in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Dubai GIIS has taken many initiatives right from its inception and I-serve is one such fantastic initiative. The activities serve as a platform for nurturing the young minds with values, morals and responsibilities towards the society. This leads to an enhanced cognitive development that shapes the children into responsible individuals.

To tide over the unpleasant waves of the existing lifestyle and health scenario we at KGI, GIIS Dubai, chose to serve the society with the knowledge of ‘Healthy Eating and Well Being’. KG 1 organised and conducted several related activities and one such amazing activity is the “Healthy Food Fiesta'' which involved the parent partnership.

The parents of KG 1 demonstrated a ‘Healthy Snack’ which is linked to the theme of the month ‘Animals’. Parents outpoured their creativity and talent using varieties of veggies, fruits, cheese, olives and made animal shaped snacks. The PSG of KG 1 indeed are a big strength and boon to the team.

The little chefs enjoyed recreating the snacks and proved themselves to be the lil’ master chefs of GIIS, Dubai.


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