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March 01, 2021

A Day of Gratitude @ Kindergarten

Look at the kind gesture of the KG I cute little dumplings. The children touched the heart of the supporting staff by thanking them for their unconditional support and service. An I – care event that witnessed the children caring and thanking their parents, supporting staff at school and other community helpers near their residences.

Children created beautiful greeting cards with their drawings and write ups like

Thank you, mommy, and daddy ! We love you!

Thank you, bus uncle, you always take us to school and back home safely!

Thank you, nanny, for cleaning up my mess!

Security uncle thank you for keeping us safe!

Thank you, aunty, for helping use the restrooms!

A lovely way of expressing their feelings of gratitude.

This event not only instilled the thought and action of paying gratitude to their elders but also nurtured an important area of Early years, Social and Emotional Developments, thereby shaping the young ones to be best adults.


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