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Jelitha Rose
Jelitha Rose March 29, 2021

GIIS Abu Dhabi  – A Pioneer School for CBSE


The National Education policy places an emphasis on a holistic, learner centered, flexible system that seeks to transform India into a vibrant knowledge society.

GIIS, Abu Dhabi is one of the pioneer CBSE schools to adopt a holistic approach to learning and character development, from inception. We follow the schools Nine Gems model, a trademarked tool to achieve a balance between academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship.

We live in a tech-driven society. Almost every decision we make is influenced by technology. With the NEPs aim to increase tech-based education, GIIS Abu Dhabi curriculum provides topnotch learning experience to its students.

With its systematic planning, reliance on technology and implementation of revolutionary ideas, the school is constantly working ahead of time to deal with future challenges.

Equipped with smart interactive boards, wi-fi systems, audio-visual elements and ability to connect to experts and peers worldwide, the classrooms of GIIS were already providing virtual learning to its students.

This headfirst thoughtful idea held GIIS, Abu Dhabi in good stead when the pandemic struck. As the world thronged together into lockdowns in March 2020, we switched to Virtual Schooling within a week. Well-versed with technology, teachers lost no time in moving to online classrooms; holding regular classes with their smart devices and Google Classrooms for collaborative work.

The year 2020 was  the year of Success Against odds for GIIS Abu Dhabi. A year full of awards and victories, the schools commitment to education excellence has been acknowledged across prestigious platforms garnering us with numerous awards. 


Golden Peacock Innovation Product Service ward, IMCRBNQA MQH Best Practice Competition Heartfulness, IMCRBNQA- Innovating in a Crisis, APQO Global Performance Excellence Award, APQO International Best Practice Award , APQO AIC Innovation Class Award are the awards to be cited proudly .

GIIS Abu Dhabi was chosen as the pilot school in introducing online learning successfully by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEK). This acknowledgement is proven by winning the Excellence in Crisis Crisis Innovators Award.

The unique quality of GIIS Abu Dhabi is sharing the best practices and imparting knowledge. 

21st Century Skills A Handbook was published by CBSE in the month of May 2020 with the aim of empowering 21st century skills in students. GIIS Abu Dhabi is one of the teams that  contributed to the initial draft preparation. As we are already providing 21st century skill based learning to our students, it was an easy task for our educators to assimilate their ideas in the areas of NEED OF 21ST CENTURY SKILLS, IMPLEMENTATION AND OUTCOMES OF 21ST CENTURY SKILLS and FELICITATION METHODS. 

An individual is the nucleus of everything that happens in the society. The expansion of a society, a nation and the world go hand-in-hand with the development of an individual. When a society/ nation/ or the  world develops, this has a direct impact upon the development of an individual and vice-versa.

While the Board has already adopted and initiated several innovative policies and practices to empower our students with the 21st century skills, it is required that all CBSE stakeholders should not only have a clear understanding of them, but also collectively collaborate towards attaining the 21st century skills in each learner. 21st Century Skills A Handbook is a great guide for all the educators.


Handbook of Joyful Learning is the new release of CBSE. It is a resource book for joyful teaching and learning.

Ways to Joyful Learning are many; stretching from integrating sports in educational activities to incorporating story-telling in classroom connections .Joy comes when a child feels a sense of accomplishment as if she/he has shaped something new, all on own. It could occur after completion of a lesson on realizing that the child has understood the concept clearly and can see how it links to real life; it could occur when the given task is done independently by the students; it could occur while doing an activity in or outside the classroom. 

Activity-based and joyful learning must be accomplished in all classrooms to help students to attain the Wow! moment.

GIIS Abu Dhabi team has done careful observations, provided concrete evidence for the ideas and reviewed the handbook. Our analysis offered benchmarks, views, and support with which the readers will be benefitted.

It is not an easy task to be a pioneer school but, it is enthralling!

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