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GIIS Curator
GIIS Curator June 30, 2020

Rise of Mid-Range Schools – A Reality in Post-COVID World

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the world, financial anxieties started setting in among the working class. The expat families settled in foreign land to earn a living have been hugely affected as many of them are experiencing salary cut and loss of job. In such a situation, many developed countries like Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong are experiencing rise of mid-range schools or schools becoming more affordable.

High priced schools began to eliminate extra fees or reduce tuition costs in order to help families survive the economic upheaval. Others launched scholarship schemes to offer financial aid to the deserving students.


The Resilience Scholarship introduced by GIIS is a great relief for many families who would otherwise have sent their children back to their home country or chosen other educational options.

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As the world emerges from the initial outbreak and the new normal begins to take shape, mid-range schools are rising as the best possible option for students. In Singapore, for example, there is an expatriate population of 1.65 million people. International schools in Singapore like GIIS, are working tirelessly to support these people, who are dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic while living far away from their native countries. 

How are mid ranged schools helping the students?

  • Discount on Registration fee
  • Discount on Tuition Fee
  • Introducing Scholarship Programmes
  • Fee discount for staff children

Besides financial assistance, schools are switching to virtual schools and helping students manage with the disruption caused in education.

Experts believe that there will be constant rise in mid-range schools or international schools in Singapore that will aim to make education affordable for students as the financial crisis will worsen in the coming months.

Out of the many new realities being experienced by education industry, like blended learning, virtual school and implementing social distancing, the rise of mid-range schools is also one of the new developments society will soon see on a large scale.

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