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June 28, 2018

Creativity at its peak at bulletin-board competition


BANGKOK, 27 JUNE, 2018:  The house-wise Bulletin Board Competition was a well-addressed challenge held at GIIS Bangkok. All the four houses were given different topics to create bulletin-boards. The Sunflower House - humans then and now, Hibiscus House - stop cruelty towards animals, Orchid House - Art of living – spiritual & philosophy of the right way of living, Chrysanthemum House - living with values-universal.

The students received appreciation for the thought-provoking display of the ideas. The topics were created with the aim of inspiring the students to see the two sides of the same coin. The children showcased teamwork and a good display of concepts in designing the bulletin boards. Brainstorming sessions were held to churn out the best creative ideas.

The bulletin board of the Hibiscus House won the first place for a well thought out display of various atrocities towards the animals. Orchid House stood second place by displaying peace, simplicity, non-violence, yoga, meditation and celebration together in a single frame to portray the art of living. There was a tie at the third place between the Chrysanthemum House and the Sunflower House.

The Bulletin Boards Competition was judged by Mr Suthep Lauhawatana, (Chairman), Mr Alexander Von Oertzen, (Berlin Artist) Mrs Sopa Sittisruang (Principal), Mrs Sumita Jolly(Vice-Principal), and Mr Cyril R Ibanez.

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