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February 05, 2019

Cooking Without Fire Competition sparks innovation and tickles taste buds


BANGKOK, 5 FEBRUARY, 2019: Cooking without fire – a house competition was held in the Campus on 17th January to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and create awareness about the nutritive value of food cooked without flame. In the contest, Hibiscus house got first position and Chrysanthemum, Orchid and Sunflower houses came into second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Each group prepared three dishes, a drink, a savoury and a dessert, which were purely vegetarian using easy and quick recipes. Though not very professional, the recipes created by students were really creative. Most of the dishes prepared were a fusion of cuisine from different countries.

Students also gave creative and funny names to the dishes, for example, Miss Tasty, Fabulous Fantasy, Layers of Pleasure, Green Ocean etc. Students from all grades participated in the contest and it was a unique display of teamwork and collaboration.

Principal Ms Sopa Sittisruang and parent representatives Mr Titiya (Father of Edward & Williams, Kindergarten) and Ms Lakshmi (Mother of Mohit, Kindergarten), were the judges of the competition who graded participants on the following criteria - presentation, cleanliness, teamwork, and taste of dishes.

The one and a half hours contest not only taught culinary skills to the students but also sparked their innovation and creativity.

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