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March 19, 2021

Exclusive Green School Initiative helps GIIS Bannerghatta win at the ELETS 18th World Education Awards 2021

Global Indian International School, Bannerghatta SMART Campus, has been declared as Winner, under the category ‘Green School Initiative’ at the ELETS 18th World Education Awards 2021.

The school is known for the rich greenery all around the campus, redefining the new era of learning. The award celebrates the beautiful initiative of nesting the seed of education in the best care of Mother Nature. The flawless SMART infrastructure in the midst of Nature fosters the holistic 7-8 hours of quality learning with top-class health and hygiene conditions for every student to assure their highest well-being.

“My Campus My Tree” is an ongoing tree plantation drive with children as they get to observe the growth of the plant throughout the school years and its metamorphosis. Many trees, herbs, and shrubs are been planted other than the ones that were already present to enhance the green look and increase the sustainability of flora and fauna. A unique sight here is the sprawling beautiful green playground where students enjoy the outdoor sports without the fear of getting hurt even if they were to fall. The presence of greenery for sure enhances the attention span of the children during their regular learning process.

Since the idea was to build a natural green school, at GIIS Bannerghatta SMART Campus, natural lights have been used instead of electricity, water is been used from Sewage Treatment Plant to water the landscape, use of stones, pavers, and more plantations so that soil is not washed away during rains. Yet another unique aspect is that the school building was built without cutting down a single tree and to maintain the gradients and contour of the landscape without spoiling the soil. GIIS has definitely redefined the concept of eco-friendly learning in the most befitting location of Bannerghatta, in the midst of peace and omnipresent calm bestowed by Nature.

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