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September 09, 2019

IB-PYP students travel through space at TeNQ Space Museum

The Higashikasai IB-PYP (Candidate School) students went for a magical field trip to a space museum on September 6, 2019. The students appeared fascinated looking at the celestial magic presented at TeNQ Space Museum, located within Tokyo Dome City.

TeNQ offers an array of experiences from educational to interactive and also visually arresting spectacles. The space museum kept the students interested, entertained and astonished. They squealed with excitement when they saw the presentations on time and the solar system. It was an immersive experience that allowed the children to have an onsite field trip.

The students got to travel across both time and space and had their pictures taken on Mars and the moon. It was an exciting trip for both the students as well as the teachers, presented with state-of-the-art visual simulations, effects and interactive games and electronic drawing materials.

The special effects and narration were captivating for the students. They called it a surreal experience. The students left the museum star-struck by the wonders of outer space, awe-struck by the vastness of time and the universe, and with feelings of flight and ascension as the second presentation filled them with the feeling of flying through space and visiting each of the planets while learning about them, including the matter that makes up Saturn’s rings.

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