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June 16, 2022

Grade 1-2 students take part in 'Just A Minute', 'Think and Write’ activities

Students of Grades 1 and 2 were an active lot when they took part in the 'Just A Minute' and 'Think and Write’ activities as part of Thinking Thursday on June 16.

GIIS believes that even an hour of mental training and preparation sessions fortnightly is more than enough to give a child the right amount of mental challenge. Keeping this in mind, these activities were planned which required the students to think their way through scenarios.

The ‘Just A Minute’ activity for Grade 1 students was an interesting and imaginative activity. The students were asked to pick any object from a bucket and speak about the same for a minute. In this activity, students had to put on their thinking caps to come up with a variety of sentences for the chosen object.

Such activities enhance their thinking skills as well as speaking skills. It was encouraging for the students to come in front of the class and speak. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and had come up with various sentences. Such joyful learning activities result in excellent learning outcomes.

Meanwhile, students of Grade 2 took part in another interesting and imaginative activity – ‘Think and Write’ wherein they were asked to use the initials of their first name and come up with words using the same letter.

They came up with an amazing set of words. In this activity, students came up with a variety of words using the initial letter of their name. Such activities enhance their thinking skills, sharpen their observations and enable them to recollect different words they see or listen to in their daily lives.

It was a brain teaser for the students, who thoroughly enjoyed the activity and developed a healthy competition among their peers. Such joyful learning activities create a conducive learning environment for students and result in excellent learning outcomes.

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