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April 10, 2024

GIIS Nagpur’s KG Graduation Day was a vibrant and memorable affair

GIIS Nagpur hosted its first KG Graduation Day with a lot of pride and reflection. We express our profound satisfaction as we commemorate the culmination of our young scholar's journey through kindergarten.

To our esteemed graduates, we reflect with great pride upon the moments of joy, academic growth, and the forging of lasting bonds that have characterized your passage through kindergarten. We have observed with delight your maturation, acquisition of knowledge, and establishment of new friendships, and we hold in high regard the admirable individuals you are evolving into.

The graduation ceremony included a presentation showcasing highlights and significant events from the academic year, offering attendees a glimpse into the progress and achievements of the students. Additionally, the event featured the dissemination of My Learning Checkpoint reports, which assessed proficiency in English, Math, Cultural Studies, Hindi, and Montessori activities. Parents were allowed to peruse and reflect upon these reports, thereby gaining valuable insights into their child's educational journey and developmental milestones.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional educators and staff who have provided unwavering support and guidance to our graduates throughout this pivotal period. Their commitment and dedication have been instrumental in shaping their educational experiences.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we eagerly anticipate the adventures that await our graduates in elementary school and beyond. We are confident that they will continue to radiate brilliance and bring honor to themselves and our community every step of the way.

At GIIS Nagpur, our core value of having a curriculum with fun and happy elements makes learning a highly productive and enjoyable exercise for our students. 

We realize that success in the contemporary world relies not just on aptitude, but also on creativity. Through our 9 GEMS pedagogy, we ensure a truly innovative programme that uses an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow students to evolve as they grow. 


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