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April 20, 2018

Singer, composer Shekhar Ravjiani conducts music masterclass at GIIS


By Aryan Sharma, Class 10A and Anusha Banninthaya, Class 10A

SINGAPORE, 20 April 2018:  Singer-songwriter, musician and performer Shekhar Ravjiani serenaded his young fans of Global Indian International School at the Leadership Lecture series yesterday, encouraging them to follow their passion, but also take in everything taught in schools and allow it to be part of their progress. 

Mr Ravjiani, who was at the East Coast Campus on Friday, also held a Music Masterclass after the lecture series, listening to students display their musical talents, giving his feedback and answering all their questions.  

“Music is to smile and to make the people around you smile. Music is nothing but a celebration of your life” said Mr Shekhar, as he discussed on what makes a good musician. "Songs are connected to memories," he said, adding that for him inspiration springs from this memories, and from other little things in life. 

Warmly welcomed by a large crowd of enthusiastic students and teachers, Mr Ravjiani shook hands, gave autographs and posed for selfies with many. He also enjoyed a classical dance performance by a group of students and a song rendition by another, before taking on the mike and speaking to the children from the stage. Sharing his life's journey from his early success as a 16-year old, his failures as a young man and his fight to make a big comeback on the music scene, kept the audience interested and cheering. In his music career, Mr Ravjiani has gone on to attach his name to nearly 600 songs, 65 films and 11 awards with his musical partner Vishal Dadlani. 

A panel discussion with GIIS students was also held, during which he spoke of his passions and inspiration, as well as his struggle with failure to reach ultimate success.

When asked who is his biggest inspiration, Mr Shekhar was quick to reply that it is his father, who is his ultimate strength. 

Later, at the masterclass conducted for students from Global Indian Stars and Hindustani Vocal Music class, he increased the level of excitement in the auditorium by ‘getting to know his students’ as he asked them to sing. He was amazed by the level of talent that blossomed in the auditorium as he told “We should bring Sa Re Ga Ma Pa auditions to Singapore”.

Mr Ravjiani also taught students how to train themselves to warm up before performing. He also went on to advise that best music happens where there are collaborations, and there is great energy.  

The Leadership Lecture series is part of GIIS's dynamic 9GEMS framework of holistic education, which aims to impart confidence and critical thinking skills in students so as to inspire them to be well-rounded achievers in the future. Many influential and prominent leaders from around the world, such as late president APJ Abdul Kalam and cricketer Virender Sehwag have been invited to the GIIS Leadership Lecture Series to share their knowledge and experience on several issues in an interactive session with the students.

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