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March 29, 2018

Robotics, entrepreneurship and innovation are a hallmark of GIIS education


Singapore, March 29: The Global Indian International School's Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Robotics programme will get a digital boost at its new SMART Campus at Punggol which has a solid backbone of wireless network in the sprawling premise. 

The programmes aim at encouraging our students to think out of the box, and find new ways of overcoming old problems. It also builds their self-confidence and grooms them to become leaders of the new world. 

The GIIS SMART Campus will have a swanky new Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is a training ground for our young minds to be imaginative. They will have newer tools to explore their creativity and receive world-class training on business principles and successful ventures.

At GCIE, students are walked through the stages of conception and ideation, and then given the opportunity to create powerful pitches for potential investors. They are trained to speak with confidence, sell their ideas to industry experts and be the entrepreneurs that the future world will require.

The idea is to flame the sparks in them to start a bonfire which will provide light and warmth to the whole world.

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