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October 03, 2020

GIIS Tokyo gets MEXT inclusion, in a fresh triumph for school

Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has announced the inclusion of students of GIIS Tokyo as an educational institution under the foreign education system in the country, adding another feather in its illustrious cap this year.

The campus was recognised as No.1 CBSE school outside of India by the Ministry of Education in India earlier this year after showing stupendous results in Grade 10 results. 

This recognition came right after the acceptance of the school as candidate school for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme by the renowned international organisastion. 

The MEXT inclusion is a prestigious event by the Higher Education Bureau in Japan, which means GIIS has been recognised as an educational institution under the foreign education system in Japan, which has a course equivalent to that of a school corresponding to a high school. GIIS Tokyo students will get an opportunity to study in any university in Japan.

The inclusion came as a public notice announcement by the Bureau on Sept 30, 2020 and has been sent to all the presidents of national, public and private universities, the president of the university admissions centers, the governors of the respective prefectures, the boards of education of the respective prefectures.

Principal Ms Madhu Khanna was thrilled by the inclusion and in a letter to parents said that this is a testimony to the world class education provided by GIIS to its students. "I express my deepest gratitude to the Indian Embassy, Parent community, Student and Teachers community whose strong support and well wishes sailed us through the rough waters of 2020 into a brighter future," she said.

The inclusion has come into effect on the same day, however, it will reflect on the website in days to come. Students graudating after April 1, 2012 will be benefitted from this action. 

GIIS Tokyo made history earlier this year, when it emerged as the world's one and only overseas school appearing in the top 10 CBSE rankings among the 600+ affiliated schools operating outside India. It was ranked by CBSE on the 9th position in a list of 16,000 CBSE schools being rated by the Board, based on the results of their Grade 10 examination.

The result is an indication of the acceptance of quality of CBSE curriculum and GIIS education by Japanese parents who support the Indian system. 

GIIS Tokyo is a 14-year old international school that educates over 1000 students in their 3 campuses in Tokyo. Students from 20 nationalities study at the nursery, primary, secondary schools of GIIS with local Japanese and expat Indian students making the largest cohort.  

The international school is renowned for providing holistic education through its award-winning 9GEMS holistic education framework which emphasises equally on academics and non-academic excellence. 

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